The County Clerk’s office is responsible for the recordation and preservation of almost all records for Cabell County residents

Documents can either be brought to the office for recordation or they can be mailed to the address below.  All original documents are returned, by first class mail, after the recording process has been completed.

When recording deeds, there is a Transfer Tax that must be paid, unless the property transfer is exempt.  Rules for exemptions can be found using the Transfer Tax Fees link on this page.  All deeds recorded must also include a completed Sales Listing Form.

All deeds recorded in West Virginia are subject to an Excise Tax (Transfer Tax Fee).  This fee is based upon the purchase price (consideration) listed on the deed, or, if no consideration is listed, it is based upon the value of the property.  For deeds having no consideration listed, a Declaration of Consideration of Value form must be completed. 

The Transfer Tax Fee is $5.50 for every $1,000.00 of the purchase price, or value of property when the purchase price is not listed on the deed. 

West Virginia Code §11-22-1, provides for exemptions to paying the Transfer Tax Fee.    Deeds must specifically state the reason for exemption, otherwise, the Transfer Tax Fee will be charged.

If paying Transfer Tax on a deed, there will also be a fee of  $20.00 which goes to the WV Housing Development Fund.

Every deed recorded requires a completed Sales Listing Form to be attached.  These forms can be obtained from our office.

Our office no longer sells hunting and fishing licenses to the public.  For specific information on how to obtain a hunting/fishing license, simply go to the West Virginia DNR home page.  Hunting and fishing licenses can be purchased online by going to


*Military discharges are not open to the public for review.  Certified copies can only be obtained by the veteran or their direct descendants.  An application must be completed by the party requesting a copy.Certified copies of military discharges are free of charge.